Here you can find the APIs of the apps available in the d.velop cloud.

Since the APIs are used by a large number of internal and external teams, we make every effort to avoid incompatible changes. For example, we prefer linking in the frontend rather than making the API unnecessarily wide. In addition, we use the JSON Hypertext Application Language in many cases to give clients the ability to determine the endpoints of additional resources at runtime instead of hard coding these endpoints. In order for your software to benefit from this, you should follow the following rules:

  • If available, use the hypermedia links in the JSON responses to discover links to other resources at runtime and avoid hard coding the URIs.
  • Only use the JSON properties documented here. In many cases, a JSON response contains additional properties for the frontend of the associated app. However, these undocumented properties are not part of the public API and can therefore change at any time.
  • Develop your client so that it can handle unknown properties, i.e. ignore them if necessary, instead of throwing an error.