New features in the PDF view

We have revised the PDF view. Soon the PDF view will be available in a new design. All features of the old PDF view are still available. You will also benefit from new features:

  • Drawing arrows
  • Automated saving
  • Selecting and deleting multiple items

This is how the new PDF view looks like:

Note: The screenshot has been reduced to the PDF view.

When will the new PDF view be available?

The new PDF view is available in the cloud now.

How do I activate the PDF view?

If you are the administrator of your tenant, you can activate the new PDF view globally for other people.

This is how it works

  1. Open the Configuration feature on the start page of d.velop documents.
  2. Navigate to the category Miscellaneous.
  3. Under Feature Flags, select the Enable and Disable entry.
  4. Under DMS object details, select the entry New PDF view.
  5. Activate the new PDF view.

Afterwards the new PDF view is available.