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April 2023

New functions available soon

Error summary in process modeling

With the next release of d.velop process studio, we will additionally offer an automatic validation of the process model with an error summary within the new configuration area.

When you open, save, or deploy a process, the current process definition will automatically be validated. If misconfigurations are detected during validation, you will see a message within the process model.

When you click on the notification, an error summary opens, listing all existing misconfigurations and describing what the problem is.

If during the deployment of a process it is detected that there are incorrect configurations, the deployment of the process is aborted and the error overview is opened directly. The process model cannot be deployed as long as there are errors.

If you click on an entry in the error summary, the incorrect process step is automatically highlighted in the process model and displayed in the configuration area. In the configuration area you can correct the incorrect configuration. Once you have fixed the incorrect configuration, you can revalidate the process model in the error summary. To validate, save the model or click on .

When you have corrected all errors and run the validation again, the notification indicating errors in the model will disappear. You can now deploy the current process draft.

Calling up process modeling via the widget

In the future, you will only be able to access process modeling via the Process studio widget. 

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