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June 2023

New functions available soon

Switch to Material Design

In the future, d.ecs task will use the design language Material Design. Within the scope of the changeover, various interfaces have been revised. Some of the implemented changes are described below:

The toolbar above the task overview has been redesigned so that it looks much cleaner now:

The three-dot menu has been replaced by a gear icon. However, the familiar functions are still included in the menu:

In the detail view, the tabs are now displayed above the view. In addition, the general and extended task properties, as well as the task history will be displayed in their own sections in the future. These sections can be expanded and collapsed separately:

In the toolbar of the detail view, the icons have been revised. The icons for taking over and giving back group tasks or tasks with multiple recipients were changed: The icons and were replaced with the icons and .

The associated function remains the same, but the icons now better indicate the corresponding action.

Integration of the theming app

With the next release, d.ecs task supports the use of themes of the theming app. This means that in addition to the theme "Default light", other themes of the theming app can be used in d.ecs task in the future.

Default dark:

Default contrast  (currently only in the d.velop-Cloud):

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