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Auditing Compliance

If you have a business tariff, you can store documents in an audit-proof manner. You can find more information about the topic of auditing compliance according to the GoBD on this page.

Fulfilling requirements of the GoBD

Creating and storing electronically

Electronic documents that are relevant to taxes are subject to strict storage and archiving obligations. Once you have created these documents electronically, it is essential that you store them electronically. It is not sufficient to simply print them and store them in paper format because doing so simply creates a copy of the documents.

foxdox business dms gives you a solution for digitally archiving your invoices and all other business documents. You can go to the tariff here:  

foxdox has received software certification according to IDW PS880 . This confirms that documents can be stored online in an audit-proof manner with foxdox when the application is properly used.

How to store your documents in an audit-proof manner

Determine the immutability of the data

During the legally stipulated retention period, documents issued to customers must always be stored in the very same form in which they were created, which is to say, in their original state and format. If this is not done, it may entail costly consequences during a tax audit. In foxdox, you can mark your selected data as being audit-compliant. That means you decide which documents or entire folders, or even entire folder structures are archived in an audit-proof manner and thus comply with the GoBD.

Once you have set a date, the following points apply:

  • You cannot change the document/folder until the date has passed.
  • You cannot change the date of the retention period.
  • You cannot delete the Auditing compliance property yourself.

Logging subsequent changes

If data is changed (e.g., an address), the invoices may be changed and printed out again. However, the reason for the corrections must be logged. Both versions (the old one and the new one) must exist exactly as they were printed. The document management properties in foxdox also include the versioning function. Versioning lets you manage different versions of one document under a document entry.

The special foxdox upload dialog allows you to upload a document and enter a comment for it. As a result, you can easily log the various versions of the documents and make them transparent.