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Important details of the app (overview)

In this article you will find an overview of the basic functions and navigation items of the iOS app and Android app.

The iOS and Android apps are identical in terms of their structures and their functions. Compared to the web application, the app's range of functions is somewhat smaller.

When you first open the app, you will immediately see the document list and navigation area at the bottom.

Using the navigation you can open all the main sections of the app, with the following navigation items: Documents (A), Search (B), Upload (C), Inbox (D) and Profile (E).

Under Documents (A) you will find the folder structure in which you manage your document. If you scroll down in the folder structure, you will find under System your audit-proof stored documents, offline available documents and the recycle bin.

You can add documents at any time by using the Upload function (C). You will find your notifications under Inbox (D).

If you want to change app settings, for example, you can find various options under Profile (E), e.g. change user name, settings for notifications or a password lock for the app (security function).

Once you have selected a document, various functions are available when you tap on the three dots next to the document. You can share a document with others, view more details of the document, move or delete the document.