Table of Content

An Overview of the app

The iOS and Android apps are identical in terms of their structures and their functions. Not all functions from the web application are also available in the app, but we are constantly working on expanding the apps further.

You can reach all main areas of the app using the navigation:

  • Documents (A)
  • Search (B)
  • Upload (C)
  • Inbox (D)
  • Profile (E)

  1. The folder list shows all the main folders under Documents. This is where you can manage your document storage.
  2. Navigation
  3. System folder: This is where you can find audit-proof documents, documents that are available offline, and the recycle bin.
  4. Upload: You can upload documents using the button in the navigation area.

5. Document options can be reached via the three dots.
6. Share: You can access the function Share within the options, for instance.
7. Logout: Select Profile in the navigation. You can now log out of the app.
8. Settings: You can manage your messages and change the security settings for access to the app under the settings in the profile.
9. Info & feedback: You can find all the legal information about the app and our offer under Info. We look forward to seeing your message in our feedback forum. We are constantly working on improving our apps, and your feedback helps us.