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How can I backup and download my files?

If you want to delete your account, you should download all files from your account to your local disk first. We recommend that you make regular backups of your files. If you want to backup all files at once, you can download the main folder Documents.

This is how it works

  1. Navigate to the folder you want to download in the folder structure.
  2. Click on Edit folder > Download, to save the selected folder.

Things to know

  • When you download a folder, this folder is downloaded and saved as a compressed ZIP archive. Before you can open the files, you need to unpack them.
  • If you download a whole folder, all subfolders will be downloaded as well.
  • Depending on the amount or size of the files in the folder, the download may take some time. If the download takes too long, only download individual folders.
  • If there are encrypted documents in your folder, you will be prompted to enter the key password. 
  • Only documents encrypted with your default key will be downloaded. Non-encrypted documents are always downloaded.
  • You will receive a system message if the download is not complete. This message will provide you with a list of all the documents that could not be downloaded. You need to download these documents separate.
  • You can also use Windows synchronization to download the files. Please note, that this program does not synchronize encrypted documents.