Table of Content

Key and key ring


Your key has been created with the activation of your account. The key is a technical function and is used by the system to additionally encrypt particularly sensitive documents. Documents encrypted in this way can only be viewed, downloaded or edited by entering the key password. In this way, only you yourself have access to the encrypted documents.

The key is mandatory, because without the key no delivery can take place if you have enabled the delivery of documents with a provider who delivers double encrypted. Be sure to keep your key and do not delete it.

Only you have access to the key, the key file and the corresponding password. Please note that it is not possible for us to reset or view a key password. It is therefore absolutely necessary that you keep the password safe and download the corresponding key file.

Saving the Key File

It is important that you download your key file. Detailed instructions can be found at "How can I download my key?". If you now forget your password to the key, you have the possibility to reset this password by uploading the key file for confirmation.


  • Without the key file you cannot reset your password for the key.
  • Use your private PC. 
  • Do not rename the file.

Reversing Encryption

If you no longer want to enter a second password to view your documents, you can also turn off the encryption of your documents. How to do that, you can learn here. Please note that this change will only affect new documents and not documents already received.