Table of Content

Uploading Files

You can save personal files to your account at any time. There are two options: You can simply upload and save your files once in any folder. Only at a later stage do you sort and organize your files. When you directly sort your personal files and upload them to a specific folder. This way, there is no need to clean up afterwards.

Suppose you have insurance policies that you want to save in your account. You have already created the Insurance policies folder.

This is how it works

  1. Click on Upload on the navigation bar.
  2. In Destination folder, select the folder where you want to save your personal files.
  3. Click on More options to specify the settings for the document type and the advanced encryption.
  4. Click on Document type to assign the document type for the files you want to upload. The document type applies only for your files. The destination folder may have another document type.
  5. Click on Advanced encryption to set a key for the advanced encryption. This function is optional and not available in all tariffs.
  6. Click Add files and select the files on your data carrier (e.g. hard disk, USB stick).
  7. Click on Upload to upload the files. 
  8. Click on Close to close the dialog as soon as the files have been successfully uploaded.