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Opening encrypted documents

You may receive encrypted documents from your provider. To view the encrypted documents, you need to decrypt these documents.

You have the following options to view encrypted documents:

  • View: You can just view the document in the application. After you close the document again, it is immediately encrypted again. You will then have to enter the password again the next time you display it. You find more information on viewing documentshere.
  • Download: If you just want to print the document, save the document on a data carrier (PC, USB stick, etc.). You find more information on downling here.
  • Edit/decrypt: You can also just decrypt the encrypted document. When decrypting, you can decide whether to save both an encrypted and unencrypted document in the application. You find more information on decrypting a documenthere.

Things to know

You can generally disable the encryption of documents. If you disable the function, encrypted documents will be sent to you unencrypted in the future. All documents already received remain encrypted.

You find more information on disabling the encryptionhere.