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Sharing documents with contacts within the application

Sharing documents with contacts in the application is the safest option. The document remains in your possession, the original document remains in the original location. However, you can allow your contacts to edit the document by granting the appropriate permissions. 

This is how it works

  1. Select the document you want to share in the file list.
  2. In the document options, click on Share and then select again Share.
  3. Enable the appropriate permissions for the document for the contact or for multiple contacts.
  4. Click the arrow next to Message to add a message to your contact or all selected contacts. You can also share your document without a message.
  5. Click on Finished to share the document with the selected contact or contacts and to close the dialog.

Things to know

You can do even more with the Share function:

  • Change permissions of shared documents at any time: To change the permissions, repeat steps 1 and 2 mentioned above and re-assign the permissions in step 3.
  • Share folder with all documents: You can share the entire folder contents with your contacts at once instead of selecting each document individually. If you are in the folder, click on Edit folder > Share. Continue as described from step 3. If you upload a new document to this shared folder, the document will be automatically shared with all contacts.