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Publishing Documents

You can also use a link to publish a document with contacts outside of the platform.

This is how it works

  1. Select the document you want in the document list by placing a check mark beside it, or switch to the detail view by clicking on the File name.
  2. In the document options, click on Share and select the menu option Publish.
  3. Create a link by clicking on + Create link.
  4. You can now delete this link, copy it to the clipboard, open it on the web, send it by e-mail, and edit its security settings.
  5. Optional: Click on Settings (the gear wheel) to modify the link’s security specifications.
    1. Select an expiry date for the link. The link is valid until this day; afterwards, you can no longer use this link to call up the document.
    2. Assign a password for the link. Only users who know the password can access the document.
  6. Copy the link to the clipboard (two documents) to send it as a text in a chat, for example.
  7. Or you can select Send link (envelope) to send the link directly by e-mail.
  8. Click on Finished to close the dialog.