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Publishing folders with contacts outside the application

The Publish function allows you to make entire folders and their contents that you own in the application available to people outside the application. You will receive one link per folder, which you can send to a recipient by e-mail, for example. The documents in the folders remains in your possession and application. Your recipients can download the document as a copy locally, for example.

This is how it works

  1. Navigate to the folder you want to publish.
  2. Click on Edit folder > Publish.
  3. Create a link to the folder by clicking on Create link.
  4. Either copy this link to the clipboard to send the link e.g. in a chat or send the link directly via e-mail to a recipient.
  5. Click on Finished to close the dialog.

Things to know

Publishing a folder gives you even more options:

  • You can copy the link directly into the browser and open the published folder, e.g. to test the access.
  • You can also protect the link with a password. You set the password and it is valid for the entire folder. Your recipient can open or download the folder only with the password. You can find this option in the settings (gear icon) for the link.