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Adding a user provider for authentication

To ensure your users can log into the d.3 repository, you must configure access to a user directory using d.ecs identity provider.

This is how it works

  1. In the Windows start menu, choose d.velop > d.3one.
  2. Log in with the admin user admin. Use the password you set after installation.
  3. Open the Configuration feature on the start page.
  4. Call Infrastructure and Security > Login > Login options.
  5. Add a user provider of the type d.3 by clicking the plus sign (Add provider).
  6. Enter the name of your application server under Host name.
  7. Enter the ID of your d.3 repository.
  8. Under Administrative group, enter the administrative group created earlier. The group then receives administrative rights for the d.3one configuration.
  9. Under Technical user group, enter the service user group created earlier.
  10. Under User name and Password, enter the credentials of the service user created earlier to enable d.ecs identity provider to log into the d.3 repository.