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How do I create a user in Microsoft SQL Server?

To create and update databases for d.velop products and create database users for the lifetime of your system environment, you require an administrative database user. We recommend creating the user as an SQL Server user.

This is how it works

  1. Start Microsoft SQL Management Studio.
  2. Establish the connection to the relevant database server and select an administrative user for authentication.
  3. Under Security, right-click to open the context menu and choose New > Login.
  4. Enter a descriptive name for the user (e.g. d3_dbadmin).
  5. Select the SQL Server Authentication option and enter a secure password to create a user exclusively for logging into Microsoft SQL Server. If a password policy is enabled, note that you can carry out the necessary actions (e.g. resetting the password) only in Microsoft SQL Server.
  6. Under Server Roles, activate the options dbcreator and securityadmin.

If the login with the user fails, change the authentication mode if necessary. For more information, see: How do I activate mixed authentication mode in Microsoft SQL Server?.