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How do I install d.velop software in a cluster?

You can ensure fail safety and improve the performance of your system by installing d.velop software on multiple application servers.

Some d.velop products are designed to be installed from separate application servers and must always be configured such that they are connected to the application server on which d.3 gateway is installed. Examples:

  • d.3 search
  • d.ecs rendition service

Required components

Web-based d.velop products communicate with each other via d.ecs http gateway. The configuration data is stored by d.ecs jstore. d.ecs http gateway and d.ecs jstore are included in the Infrastructure product, which you can install using d.velop software manager. Install the infrastructure components on every application server on which you want to install d.velop software.

Configuring d.ecs jstore

  1. In the Windows start menu, choose d.velop > Local Configuration.
  2. Open jstore > Configuration.
  3. Under Primary hostname, specify the server name of the primary instance of d.ecs jstore.
  4. Under Secret, set a password for connecting the instances of d.ecs jstore to each other.
  5. Enter the same information in every other instance of d.ecs jstore.