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_A_V_How can I transfer the configuration of one repository to another repository?

You can use two repositories (e.g. Test and Productive) to be able to test changes to the configuration first. We recommend that you first configure the source system (e.g. Test) and create a target system (e.g. Productive) from the data backup of this system.

Do not make any configurations on the target system yet. You can also transfer subsequent changes in the source system to the target system.

This is how it works

  1. In the Windows Start menu, choose d.velop > d.3 Administration.
  2. Log in to your source system.
  3. Select System settings > Data backup.
  4. Select the Export button under Export all master data and status data.
  5. Open the path to the backup file so that you can use the file later.
  6. Close the d.3 administration.
  7. Restart the d.3 administration.
  8. Log in to your target system.
  9. Select the respective backup file to restore the repository from a full backup.

For subsequent changes, you can transfer projects and milestones. For more information, please refer to the d.3 admin manual.