Table of Content

Preparing the application server

You install the d.velop server software on the application server. The task of the application server is to process all client-side queries.

Recommended system requirements

  • Operating system: You can install the d.velop server applications only on Microsoft Windows Server systems. You can find the supported operating system versions in the d.velop service portal.
  • Administrative user account: You require a Windows user account with local administrator rights for the installation.
  • Processors: 4 cores or more
  • Memory: 8 GB or more
  • Network protocol: TCP/IP with fixed IP address
  • Database driver: 32-bit, depending on operating system and database
  • Partitioning:
    • Operating system
    • d.velop software: 20 GB or more
    • Temporary data (cache): 10 GB or more
    • Document tree (optional)

You can install d.velop software in a cluster; that is, you can install components on multiple application servers to ensure fail-safety and increase performance. We recommend that you first install the components described in this documentation on one application server and then configure the cluster.

See also: How do I install d.velop software in a cluster?