Table of Content

Preparing the file server

Documents that have been saved in a d.3 repository are managed in a directory structure (document tree). Depending on the size and scope of the system, the document structure can be located on the application server or on a separate file server. We recommend that you set up a separate partition for the document tree.

If you are working with a separate file server, any operating system with NTFS support that allows read and write access by the d.3 application server is suitable. Examples:

  • Windows Server
  • Novell NetWare
  • Unix with NFS
  • Linux with Samba

The d.3 gateway and d.3 process manager applications require read and write access to the file server. For security reasons, do not set up direct user access to the file server.


You can connect an external storage medium for audit-proof long-term archiving. However, you still require a document tree, because some of the documents may not be sent to and stored on the external storage medium, depending on the configuration. The document tree also serves as a temporary storage location for quick access to files. For more information, see the d.ecs storage manager documentation.