Which requirements must be met in order to use d.velop sign for documents in conjunction with an OnPrem d.3 system (hybrid operation)?

The following requirements must be met:

  1. An existing d.3 system with current d.3ecm all in one setup (https://portal.d-velop.de/products/de/d-3ecm-all-in-one/d-3ecm-all-in-one)
  2. d.ecs infrastructure via current feed of the software distribution must be active
  3. d.3 System has a generally valid certificate e.g. from VeriSign, Entrust or Let's encrypt
  4. d.3 system is accessible from the Internet (e.g. via reverse proxy located in the DMZ)
  5. Port 443 is released in the firewall
  6. Cloud environment is booked
  7. A base address for the cloud is configured in the HTTP Gateway App

Can d.velop sign be used in connection with the Case Manager Contract?

The document view of the Case Manager is d.3one. Therefore the Context Action is also available there.

Why is the option to sign my document not displayed in the context bar?

Before you can sign a document in d.velop sign for documents, the processing must be completed. To do this, select Finish editing in the context bar of the document.

Afterwards, Sign Document should appear in the context bar.

How can I forward a document in d.velop sign for documents to external parties for signing?

You can find a corresponding instruction here.