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General Terms of Use for d.velop service portal

The d.velop service portal and its contents are provided by d.velop AG, Schildarpstrasse 6-8, 48712 Gescher, Germany. You must agree to these Terms of Use in order to use the d.velop service portal. 

d.velop reserves the right to update these Terms of Use at any time. We will inform you in the event of any update.

Description of the Services in the d.velop service portal

The d.velop service portal gives you access to a variety of resources including download areas, documentation, contract documents, billing information and product information (“services”). These services, including any updates, improvements, new features and/or new web pages that may be added, are subject to these Terms of Use.

Restriction to Personal, Non-commercial Use

The services are offered exclusively for non-commercial use. You are not permitted to change, copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, license, sell or make available to third parties any information, software, products or services that you have obtained by accessing d.velop services.

Privacy Policy

For information on how we process your personal data when you use the d.velop service portal, please see the privacy policy at

Software Available on this Website

Any software, including its documentation, that is provided for download in the d.velop service portal is the copyrighted work of d.velop AG and its group companies or business partners. Use of the software and its documentation, if available, is subject to the corresponding license terms.

Reproduction or redistribution of the software outside the terms of the license agreement is prohibited.

Release Cycles

All publications in the d.velop service portal regarding the release of minor or major software updates, patches, hotfixes, etc. are non-binding and do not oblige d.velop to actually publish corresponding releases on corresponding dates.

Links to Third-Party Sites / Framing

The links contained in the d.velop service portal enable you to leave the d.velop website and jump to external websites. These external websites are not monitored by d.velop. d.velop is not responsible for content, links, changes or updates on external websites and does not assume ownership of their contents. 

Framing (embedding of publicly accessible content from external websites into the d.velop service portal) may be used to integrate pictures, videos or other content from external websites into the d.velop service portal. Any such framed content remains external content to which d.velop does not possess the rights (especially copyrights and copyright usage rights). 

If you frame content from external websites in the d.velop service portal, you are obliged to review whether you have the legal right to do so, especially with regard to copyright protection.

Marketing Materials

The d.velop service portal contains marketing materials that you can use. Unless otherwise specified, you will receive the non-exclusive right, limited to the duration of the contractual agreements between you and d.velop, to use these materials for your own marketing and sales purposes and for the purpose of fulfilling these contracts.

Conduct Obligations

Your use of the services and the d.velop service portal is contingent on your agreement not to use the services for purposes that are illegal or violate these Terms of Use. In particular, you may not distribute or otherwise provide in the d.velop service portal any insulting or degrading content or content that violates the rights of third parties.

In particular, posts with discriminatory, racist, pornographic or otherwise illegal content are prohibited, as are links to websites with such content (this also includes comments in signatures). If you are guilty of a violation, d.velop reserves the right to delete the infringing content at the author’s expense, to block you from the d.velop service portal and to pursue legal action regarding the violations. You are responsible for anything you post on the d.velop service portal (content, banners, logos, links, etc.) as well as for any products and services connected with a hyperlink.

Rights to Content

When you post lawful content (ideas, comments, suggestions for improvement, etc.) in the d.velop service portal, you accept that d.velop becomes the owner of all intellectual property rights and copyrights to or that may arise from this lawful content. These rights are unrestricted in time, place and content. d.velop is also entitled to transfer and sub-license these rights. The rights include but are not limited to the right to use and exploit the lawful content or parts thereof, including all types of use already known or as yet unknown and developed later, and including the right to adapt, edit, modify, reproduce, publish, demonstrate, present, distribute, make available to the public, send, translate, add to, transmit, dispose of, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, profile, analyze, correct errors in, sell or store the content permanently or temporarily. You shall not receive any compensation for granting these rights to the lawful content.

Prohibition of Commercial Advertising

Commercial advertising for products or services from other companies of any kind is prohibited. Users who violate this rule can be blocked.


The contents of the d.velop service portal as well as all information and details about the services therein are to be treated as strictly confidential and may not be disclosed to unauthorized third parties, unless otherwise agreed.


Content belonging to employees of d.velop or of third parties commissioned by d.velop, as well as all content from third parties, is to be understood as follows:

All posts/entries are provided as is, without any guarantee and without implying any rights. These entries do not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of d.velop. Since web entries are only intended to be snapshots of current topics at the time of publication and not a permanent reference, you should bear in mind that older or outdated entries do not reflect current views and circumstances. We make no guarantee as to the availability of the d.velop service portal, nor to the correctness and completeness of the content/entries.